Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Hello and welcome to Attorneys @ Law, a new political comic. The basic premise of this new comic is taking the concepts of political cartoons and applying them to a comic strip. There will be recurring characters, themes, jokes and stories. The comic first appeared in the Sonoma State Star and those original strips will be posted on this site as it moves forward. I have a few other projects/comics making the internet rounds and figured that it would be best to begin to organize them as I begin to pursue these various projects. For the people who have been following any of my other comics, there are now three blogs to follow:

-Attorneys @ Law (this site)

-TrevorCopter (an ongoing adventure strip)

-Pirate Monkey Productions (which is the all purpose site for my projects)

Keep an eye out for more strips and check out the other sites as well.

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